Community Grant Awards

CTAP Local Discretionary Funds have been made available to the 26 communities in the CTAP corridor. Up to $15,000 will be provided to communities for projects that are compatible with CTAP goals in the areas of technical assistance in land use and transportation planning. Regional Planning Commissions are available to assist towns in selecting projects and with the application process. Communities are not limited to one project, but may be funded for several as long as the total amount of funding per community does not exceed $15,000. Communities may either manage an approved project themselves, submitting invoices to the RPC, or can elect for the RPC to manage the project. Projects already approved for Local Discretionary Funds are:

Pelham Works Toward Economic Development:

The town of Pelham is meeting the challenge of economic development with its Local Government Discretionary Account funding. Partnering with the Center for Urban and Regional Policy (CURP), and the Nashua Regional Planning Commission (NRPC), the town will use its $15,000 grant for a three-phase project expected to pay dividends far into the future. CURP will perform an economic assessment of the town’s strengths and weaknesses for attracting industry and investment. Pelham will then host a summit to present the results and gather input from business leaders and stakeholders. Finally, NRPC will pool this information into a strategic economic development plan to help Pelham meet its goals.

Bow Builds a Vision of Its Economy:

The town of Bow is considering a big-ticket investment in water and sewer infrastructure. Before they commit, however, they are using their Local Government Discretionary Account funding to ensure that the project fits with its economic vision. With a portion of its grant, Bow was able to receive a detailed economic assessment from CURP. The report will be discussed at a series of professionally facilitated public meetings. The results of the report and those achieved through the meetings will be used to create an economic strategy and vision to which the community of Bow can give its full support.

Goffstown Expands Transportation Options:

For several years, Goffstown residents have wanted to convert a former railroad line into a five-plus mile recreational trail for walking and biking. Using its Local Government Discretionary Account, the town is another step closer to achieving that goal. Goffstown is using its grant to contract out the planning and preliminary engineering of the rail trail, including necessary survey work to establish trail boundaries. Once complete, the trail will link Goffstown with Manchester and New Boston, providing an alternative transportation route for commuters and a safe route for kids and adults to get from schools to parks to ball fields.

Danville Seeks Consensus on Zoning:

Under increasing pressure from residential growth, the town of Danville has looked for a way to broaden its tax base and create a nucleus of development without harming the town’s character. To address this issue, Danville is using its Local Government Discretionary Account to bring mixed-use zoning to the town center. The grant supports a multi-part process that begins with building consensus within the community on zoning amendments through educational materials and public meetings. Danville has also been able to hire a consultant to assist with the project as the town moves through the drafting and approval process to achieve its goal.

Other discretionary accounts funds previously approved:

Auburn: Auburn will conduct a feasibility study for connecting utilities to the village center and industrial park.

Bedford: Bedford will use a portion of its grant to conduct a Phase I Corridor Study.

Candia: The grant awarded to Candia will be used to put into place an Impact Fees ordinance.

Chester: Feasibility study for an impact fees ordinance, and Master Plan Implementation with updating zoning ordinance and subdivision regulations.

Concord: Development of an aquifer protection ordinance

Derry: Derry intends to develop an economic plan for their downtown.

Fremont: Publication and distribution of informational flyer on conservation subdivisions and Town-wide Impact Fee Study

Londonderry: A targeted area plan is the focus for Londonderry's awarded funding.

Raymond: Resident and business questionnaire and survey to support the visioning chapter of the Master Plan Update

Sandown: With a 50% match from the Town, Sandown will accomplish mapping its prime wetlands.

Windham: Windham will conduct impact fee studies for police, fire and recreation.

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