February 16, 2006 Community Meeting

Meeting Summary: Community Meeting 2 was held on February 16, 2006 at the Derryfields, Manchester, NH and was attended by over 80 people. The session began with NHDOT Commissioner Carol Murray providing a brief update on the I-93 Improvements Project and CTAP status with regard to the recent lawsuit filed by the Conservation Law Foundation. Commissioner Murray emphasized that the CTAP program would carry on because it is the “right thing to do”. Bill Cass, NHDOT Assistant Director of Project Development, then provided an overview of the CTAP planning process and explained the intent of the session was to apply resources and strategies to the goals and objectives derived from the vision map. Ansel Sanborn, NHDOT’s Administrator of the Bureau of Planning and Community Assistance, provided an overview of the role of the future CTAP Steering Committee, members of which were nominated during this session. The session then broke into groups where participants discussed the barriers, strategies and resources needed to accomplish 15 of the goals highlighted on the vision map. These were then presented and discussed throughout the group.

Concurrent Initiatives

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