Steering Committee Meeting: May 18, 2006

The fourth meeting of the CTAP Steering Committee was held on May 18, 2006 at the offices of the Southern New Hampshire Planning Commission in Manchester, NH. Antioch’s Jim Gruber began by enthusiastically sharing how well the subcommittee did when it met on May 17, 2006 to develop an initial Logic Model draft for CTAP. Carolyn Russell also applauded the group’s progress, and reminded members of the need to keep the Chapter 2 (from the CTAP Blueprint Draft) data focused. The draft Logic Model still needs work and the subcommittee’s next meeting will be June 14, 2006. Several comments revealed confidence in the Logic Model and its ability to aid the communities in effectively completing the tasks that have arisen in the CTAP process. The probable need to seek help from state agencies in pursuing the CTAP goals was also discussed, as were ideas on how to document the Steering Committee’s process during the upcoming June 14th meeting, including the suggestions of a “menu” and newsletter.

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