CTAP Steering Committee Working Groups

The Steering Committee split into four “Working Groups” to tackle specific goals and themes that have been identified through the CTAP process to date. By creating these smaller working groups with specific goals, the individual groups can better focus their resources and energies to develop a more effective Plan for Action to achieving the goals. The Working Groups meet independently and report back to the Steering Committee on a regular basis to discuss results and gain consensus. Click here for an overview of the Working Groups. Co-chair contact information may be accessed here.

Theme A - Community Infrastructure

The goal of the Community Infrastructure Working Group is to investigate ways to develop high quality municipal and educational services and infrastructure, accessible and diverse transportation solutions, and adequate housing. The group will look at ways to provide:

  • Adequate and stable funding for local government and school infrastructure and services.
  • Adequate quantity and quality of municipal infrastructure and services.
  • More cost-effective and innovative regional approaches to delivery of municipal and school services.
  • Adequate supply of affordable and workforce housing.
  • Mobile, reliable, safe and diverse transportation systems for delivery of services, goods, and people.

Theme B - Environment Protection, Land Use, and Open Space

The goal of the Environment Protection, Land Use, and Open Space Working Group is to strengthen the protection of, and provide expanded access to natural resources and open space. The group hopes to accomplish these goals through identifying ways to:

  • Minimize adverse impacts of existing and new development on natural resources.
  • Increase the network of inter-connected protected green infrastructure.
  • Increase access to open space, parks, and recreational sites.
  • Encourage municipalities to cooperate on environmental issues of regional impact, including watersheds, greenways, and open space.

Theme C - Downtown / Village Centers and Community Vitality

The goal of the Downtown / Village Centers and Community Vitality Working Group is to look at ways to encourage and promote vital, diverse, safe, and participatory communities with rural character, vibrant town centers, and a wide range of cultural and recreational resources. These goals will be accomplished through:

  • Revitalized existing and strong new downtown, village, and neighborhood centers.
  • Increased recreational and cultural opportunities and resources.
  • Increased opportunities for and participation in community activities.

Theme D - Local Economy

The goal of the Local Economy Working Group is to strengthen economic, business, and agricultural development that provides local employment and livable wages. This working group will be looking at ways and means to:

  • Help establish and encourage more diverse and stable local economy.
  • Increase the number of people employed locally.
  • Increase the amount of food and fiber produced and consumed locally.

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